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Helpful Tips!

Helpful Tips!

No matter how fancy of a facility you rent from, it's still important to keep things secure and clean.  Keeping your storage unit clean should be a high priority if you want to keep your items in good shape while they are being stored. Here are some helpful tips to help you keep your storage unit secure and clean so that your items will hold their value.

Get Renters Insurance:  It's important to contact your insurance provider to obtain a policy.

PURGE:  Keep, discard and donate.  Only keep what you need.  It only makes sense to get rid of things that you no longer need as you go.  Donating items is a great way to help other people.

Keep cleaning supplies in your unit:  Bring some type of cleaning spray, a rag and maybe a broom to your unit.  Make it a habit to do a quick wipe down/sweep to make sure things are remaining in good shape.

Wrap:  Get industrial plastic wrap and wrap whatever you can.  This way, you know things are sealed up tight and won't collect dust or creepy crawlies.

Pallets:  Keeping your items off the floor is almost essential.  This keeps melting snow or spills from an adjacent unit from soaking in and ruining your heirloom sofa.

Label:  It's smart to label everything!  It will save you time and prevent making too much of a mess.

Use plastic over cardboard:  Rain, moisture and even humidity can cause your boxes to become soggy and bottoms to rip out.  Clothes and items inside of cardboard boxes have a greater chance of getting ruined, sour and even growing mold than those in a plastic box.

NO FOOD:  Bringing food/drinks into your storage unit is just asking for ants, rats and all kinds of pests.  It also can cause things to stink.

Stay on top of pests:  Purchase bug spray to keep in your unit and each time you visit just spray the perimeter to create a barrier so bugs will stay out.  

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10 x 10

Must provide your own lock.
Renters insurance recommended.

$75 / month

10 x 15

Must provide your own lock.
Renters insurance recommended.

$100 / month

10 x 20

Must provide your own lock.
Renters insurance recommended.

$115 / month

10 x 30

Must provide your own locks (2 required on this size).
Renters insurance recommended.

$185 / month